Jungle Ropes Safari


Climb, balance, swing, and walk through the trees on the Safari Park’s Jungle Ropes Safari! Challenge yourself with this daring experience that offers three different courses, each one containing more than a dozen elements. With rope bridges to cross, aerial tightropes to navigate, swinging log steps to negotiate, and moving platforms to cross, among many other thrills, Jungle Ropes Safari is for adventure seekers ready to try out life in the treetops. At some points, you’re more than 35 feet off the ground!

During your 90-minute adventure, you’ll use a Smart Belay system to travel through the courses at your own pace, with staff available for assistance if necessary. Each course offers a different challenge level—try one, two, or all three. You’ll put on a safety harness and be given instruction by trained staff prior to entering the Challenge Level 1 course—then it’s up to you to make like a monkey and swing!

EVEN MORE ADVENTURE! Have even more fun by combining your Jungle Ropes Safari with a Flightline Safari. Call 619-718-3000 for details and other options.


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